Top 10 Best 12-inch Nonstick Frying Pans 2023

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Imagine a scenario where you are making pancakes, crepes, and burger patties, and they are flipping without being glued to the cooking surface. Doesn’t it sound like a dream? With the best 12″ frying pan nonstick, that can indeed be a reality!

Why 12 inches? Well, it is the median of the frying pans. It is neither too big nor too small. So, you can handle all the types of cooking tasks with these. However, getting one of them is easier said than done. We found many that seemed like they would offer great nonstick performance. But in reality, their coating lasted for just a few weeks.

However, you will not have to worry about ending up with one of them because we will talk about the ones that will excel in nonstick performance and let you perfectly cook different dishes on them. How did we find them? Well, we had to make a lot of testing and comparisons.

Top 10 Best 12-inch Frying Pans Non Stick with Lid:

We considered all of the essential factors while scrutinizing the skillets. And we did test loads on the options that seemed promising to us. We evaluated how well they released food, how easy they were to clean, and how good they cooked. These are the ones that stood out from those intense evaluations:

1. Tramontina Professional Fry Pans (12-inch)

Tramontina Aluminum Nonstick Fry Pan, 10 inchThis beautiful aluminum frying pan is compatible with electric stovetops, gas stovetops, and other cookware. You can easily wash it because it is dishwasher-safe. It weighs only 2.77 pounds, making it easy to use. The pan is also oven-safe up to 400oF. Furthermore, it comes with a PFOA-free nonstick coating.

It is made in the United States, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. Based on its durability and other features, it has earned an Amazon rating of 4.7 stars.

2. OXO Good Grips Pro Hard Anodized Nonstick 12″ Frying Pan

OXO Good Grips Nonstick 12 Frying PanThis pan is made of hard anodized aluminum and its handle is made of stainless steel. You’ll also like its PFOA-free nonstick surface. You can either hand wash it or place it in a dishwasher. The pan has a capacity of 4 quarts. Some of its users have confirmed its durability and excellent heat conduction and retention. In addition, it is resistant to scratches.

It is oven-safe up to 430oF. Its rolled edges will enable pouring without drips. You can use the pan with all stovetops except induction. It weighs 2.47 pounds and has an Amazon rating of 4.8 stars. Also, the pan is made in China.

3. SENSARTE Nonstick Deep Frying Pan Skillet

SENSARTE Nonstick Frying PanThis frying pan is made of cast aluminum, and that’s why it conducts and retains heat very well. The capacity of the frying pan is 5 quarts. The pan is compatible with gas, electric, and induction stovetops. As you would expect, it comes with a PFOA-free nonstick coating. Yes, it is necessary to mention its durability too. Moreover, it has a pouring spout on both sides to make it easier for you to pour oils and soups.

Its glass lid adds to its visual appeal. Also, it has a handle that will remain cool regardless of how hot the pan is. You can place it in your oven because it can withstand heat up to 302oF. Finally, it weighs 5.9 pounds and has an Amazon rating of 4.8 stars.

4. Cuisinart 622-30G 12 inch non stick frying pan with lid

Cuisinart 62230G 12 inch non stick frying pan with lid

The brand Cuisinart has been on the market for a prolonged time. And in this period, they have offered nothing but good kitchenware for the money. The same thing is applicable to this unit.

So, what makes it a good pick for the best 12 inch non stick frying pan? Firstly, it features a construction of hard anodized material. This dense material makes the cookware gain a higher level of durability. In other words, you can expect to get extended use out of it.

But what about the nonstick performance? Well, you will not get disappointed with that at all! It has a Quantaniumcoating. The coating has titanium reinforcement, which will ensure that the foods are released efficiently from the surface. It also efficiently distributes the heat on the cooking surface.

Furthermore, it has a stay-cool handle. That will let you easily hold onto the pan without worrying about getting your hands burnt. Also, the riveted design will ensure you can get a comfortable and secure grip on the handle. And you can use it inside the oven if you want to.


  • Made of hard-anodized material
  • Features Quantanium coating
  • Heats up evenly
  • Comes with a stay-cool handle
  • Handle is riveted


  • A bit on the heavier side
  • Not that easy to balance


The Quantanium coating makes it stand out the most. It is reinforced and will last for an extended amount of time. Also, it is oven safe and can distribute the heat evenly through the cooking surface.

5. T-fal Cookware Fry Pan with Lid Titanium Nonstick

T-fal Fry Pan with Lid Titanium NonstickLooking for a pan that will let you master the preheating phase? Well, you would need to look at what T-Fal is offering here.

It has a Thermo spot indicator that will light up when the pan is adequately heated up. That means you will no longer have to play the guessing game anymore when it comes to preheating the skillet. The overall construction is pretty solid. The hard-anodized aluminum will be capable of handling heavy loads without any issues.

That said, the coating of the cooking surface features titanium reinforcement. So, even if you use metal utensils, you will not have to worry about scratching up the layer. It even offers superior nonstick performance and makes the food slide through the cooking surface.

Other than that, you will find a riveted handle on the unit. It will let you get a secure and comfortable grip. The skillet even comes with a vented glass lid, allowing you to closely monitor the foods. Also, as the coating is non-toxic, it will not infuse any chemicals into the food.


  • Utilizes titanium-reinforced coating
  • Coating is non-toxic
  • Features a Thermo spot indicator
  • Comes with a vented glass lid
  • Sports a riveted handle


  • Pan is not entirely flat
  • Not oven safe


The fact that it utilizes a non-toxic and durable layer of coating on the surface amazed us. It excelled in cooking different foods. Also, it has a Thermo spot technology, which makes preheating a breeze.

6. All-Clad 4112NSR2 Stainless Steel Non-Stick Fry Pan

All-Clad 4112NSR2 Stainless Steel Non-Stick Fry PanEven heat distribution, a flat base, and higher overall durability are something that we do not see among most of the available offerings. However, if you were looking for something such as that, keep this unit from All-Clad in your consideration.

To start with, it features a flat base. As a result, it will be capable of spreading the oil around efficiently. That, combined with the even heating capability, this skillet is going to offer you a superior cooking performance. The chances of foods burning on a single spot will be considerably low on this.

The skillet even has flared and mid-sized sides. Such a design will make it easier to flip and toss foods around. Talking of which, it sports a durable layer of non stick coating, which will make the foods slide around without sticking. You will not have to worry about residues.

Its overall construction is pretty solid as well. The manufacturer has opted for tri-ply construction. There is an aluminum core along with a double layer of stainless steel. It even comes with a riveted handle, which will make it easier to get a secure and comfortable grip.


  • Sports a flat base
  • Can evenly distribute the heat
  • Has flared but mid-sized sides
  • Non stick coating is durable
  • Boasts a durable overall construction


  • Not that resistant to warping
  • Can not resist scratches that well


This skillet has a flat bottom, making it compatible with most stovetops. Also, you can effortlessly cook foods on top of this for the even heating ability.

7. MICHELANGELO 12 inch copper frying pan

MICHELANGELO 12 inch copper frying panWho said that the skillets have to look boring? MICHELANGELO did not! Want to know what we are actually referring to here? Keep on reading!

The manufacturer has opted for a copper finish on the cooking surface when it comes to the overall design. That makes the pan look unique and will allow it to stand out in the kitchen. Also, it features a long handle. Maneuvering and moving the skillet around will be an easy task.

What about the cooking performance? It will not disappoint you on that one bit! The base heats up quickly and evenly. There will be no hot spots, nor will you need to worry about burning the foods. And as the construction is of high-quality materials, you can get prolonged use of the unit too.

Other than that, it utilizes a non-toxic coating on the cooking surface. The layer is free from PTFA, PFOA, cadmium, and lead. So, it will not infuse any chemicals, nor will it ruin the taste of the foods. The layer also excels in making the foods slide around without leaving any residues.


  • Has a copper finish on the cooking surface
  • Features a long handle
  • Base heats up evenly
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Boasts a non-toxic nonstick layer


  • Not optimized for induction cooking
  • Can not efficiently resist scratches


Its unique looks will surely make it stand out in the kitchen. The base can also heat up evenly and make the foods slide around without making them stick to the surface.

8. Blue Diamond Cookware 12 inch ceramic skillet

Blue Diamond Cookware Toxin Free 12 inch ceramic skilletOn the lookout for a frying pan that is dishwasher safe and can offer a proper nonstick performance at the same time? Check out what Blue Diamond has to offer here.

To start with, it features a nonstick coating that is free from PFOA, PFAS, cadmium, and lead. In other words, the layer will not make your foods taste like chemicals, nor will it make the foods unhealthy by infusing toxins into them. The coating is exceptionally durable and can resist scratches as well.

It even got a wrap control base. The forging will ensure that the base does not warp or deform over time. So, it will be possible to get a superior cooking performance for a prolonged time. Also, cleaning it will be a breeze. The nonstick layer will lower the food residues, and you can clean it inside the dishwasher if you want to.

The skillet also comes with a riveted handle. You can get a secure and comfortable grip on that. Thanks to the proper base design, this skillet will be capable of heating up evenly too. As a result, cooking different dishes will feel less of a chore. It is even oven safe and works on top of most of the stovetops.


  • Features a non-toxic nonstick coating
  • The base does not warp that easily
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Evenly distributes the heat
  • Comes with riveted handle


  • The handle can not resist heat
  • Not that resistant to stains


The main selling point of this unit is the warp-resistant base. To achieve that ability, it utilized heavy-duty forging on the base. Also, it is dishwasher-safe and oven-safe.

9. Cuisinart Deep Fry Pan with Cover

Cuisinart Deep Fry Pan with CoverWe have got yet another offering from Cuisinart. If you were looking for something that will easily let you deep fry different foods, keep this one in your consideration.

Let us first talk about the overall construction first. The manufacturer has opted for hard-anodized material for both the exterior and interior. As a result, the skillet achieves a higher durability level. It will withstand heavy cooking loads without showing any performance issues. Its design will also let you easily deep fry foods.

The hard-anodized construction will even make the base heat up quickly. And for the proper design on the base, the heat will get distrusted evenly throughout the entire surface. You will not have to worry about any hot spots. Also, the unit is oven-safe and works on top of most of the stovetops.

Furthermore, it bundles with a shatter-resistant glass lid. This glass will let you closely monitor the food during the cooking process. The nonstick coating is also reasonably durable. It can resist sticking and food residues exceptionally well. For that reason, the cleaning sessions will not seem that tedious.


  • Constructed of hard-anodized material
  • The base heats up quickly and evenly
  • Oven-safe and compatible with most stovetops
  • Comes with a break-resistant glass lid
  • Features an efficient nonstick layer


  • The handle is a bit loose
  • Does not have a praiseworthy scratch-resistant trait


This skillet features durable overall construction. Its base heats up quickly and evenly. Also, it is reasonably deep, which will let you deep-fry foods efficiently.

10. All-Clad D3 Stainless Cookware Professional Grade

All-Clad D3 Stainless Cookware Professional GradeThere are loads of nonstick skillets out there. But only a few features a highly polished cooking surface with a contoured handle. And this one from All-Clad is one of them.

First of all, it features a tri-ply construction. The aluminum base features a bonding with two layers of stainless steel. Such a type of construction makes the frying pan achieve a praiseworthy level of sturdiness. So, you can expect to get extended use out of it.

Its highly polished finish on the exterior will surely make it look apart in the kitchen. There is a proper nonstick coating on the cooking surface as well. That will allow the foods to slide easily. The foods will not even leave any residues, which will make cleaning a breeze.

On that note, the tri-ply construction can capture the heat efficiently. It will heat up quickly and spread the heat around efficiently. Also, the contoured handle of the skillet will allow you to get a comfortable and secure grip during the cooking process. You will have total control!


  • Sports a tri-ply construction
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Has a polished finish on the surface
  • Comes with a proper non stick coating
  • Heats up evenly and quickly


  • Not dishwasher-safe
  • The handle can not resist the heat that well


The polished finish on the surface is the thing that makes it stand out the most. It can also heat up evenly and quickly. And for the contoured handle, it will be easier to maneuver the skillet around.

Different Types of 12 Inch Frying Pan:

The type of frying pan will mainly depend on the construction material. And if you consider that, there will be more than tens of different types out there. However, if you consider a nonstick skillet, there are a total of four. Here is a description of each:


One of the most popular types of frying pans that are out there is aluminum. The heat conductivity of the material is excellent. So, it will be capable of cooking different foods in a short amount of time. Also, let us not forget that aluminum is exceptionally light in weight. That will make it easier to control the frying pans.

Stainless Steel

When it comes to being durable, stainless steel will have the lead for most of the cases. For that reason, different manufacturers will opt for this material for the manufacturing process. The stainless steel cookware even has a unique look to them. Also, this material does not react to any foods, including acidic ones.


The hard-anodized material is basically aluminum. However, this material goes through a particular treatment, which makes it durable and reasonably sturdy. So, you can expect to get the traits of aluminum while getting the same or better level of durability than stainless steel.

Carbon Steel

Even though carbon steel is not that common among the cooking pans, it still holds a good position. The material is well-known for heating up fast, which means you will not need to use that much gas or fuel to cook different foods. However, it does lose heat quickly. The heat-retaining trait is just not up to the mark.

How to Select A 12 Inch Non Stick Frying Pan?

We know that our review section has made the choosing process a bit easier for you. But what if we told you that the process could get more manageable? Yes, it certainly can! However, for that to happen, you would need to keep these crucial factors in your mind:

Build Quality

Before anything else, you would need to consider the overall build quality. And this will highly depend on the construction. The ones that feature construction of high-quality materials will usually have a good build quality. Those will be exceptionally durable and can withstand different cooking loads efficiently.


Aside from the build quality, you would also want to consider the design of the skillet. Especially the bottom. If the base is not flat, the oil will not stay on the surface. Instead, it will run towards the corner, which can make the cooking process feel a bit tedious as you would need to move the non stick frying pan around too much.


The handle plays a crucial role in terms of the skillets. You will find it pretty hard to maneuver the frying pans around if they do not have a proper handle. Also, moving them from the countertop to the stovetop will become a tedious process. So, you should consider whether the handle has an appropriate design or not.

Nonstick Coating

Another thing that needs to be in your consideration is the nonstick coating. This layer will ensure how easily the foods slide off from the surface. And if the coating is not optimal, you will find it pretty hard to flip the foods and take them off the surface. There will be too much residue, which would make cleaning a nightmare.

On that note, do make sure that the coating is non-toxic to the nonstick pans. If it contains any chemicals, the foods you will cook on it will turn unhealthy as well. Sometimes, the toxins can even ruin the overall taste of the food. And that is something that you would not want, right?

Even Heating

Last but not least, consider whether the skillets can distribute the heat evenly or not. If the base can not spread the heat around efficiently, there will be hot spots on the cooking surface. And that would make the foods burn off in certain zones. Opt for the skillets that can spread the heat around efficiently to avoid that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 12 inches non stick frying pan too big?

Not really! The 12-inch nonstick pans are just in the middle of the scale. These are not too big, nor are they small. Basically, you will get all of the cooking surfaces you will require to handle a large amount of food, and these will fit on most of the stovetops and ovens without any issues.

Are all 12 inches of frying pans nonstick?

It will vary from one offering to another. Also, the material will play an important role in this case. For example, cast iron skillets will not have a nonstick coating on the surface. To make them achieve a nonstick trait, you would need to season them with oil or shortening.

Are 12 inches pans heavy?

The heft will mainly depend on the construction material. These frying pans will be of aluminum or hard-anodized material for most cases. And these two materials are reasonably light in weight. On the other hand, the cast iron pans will be considerably heavy.

Can I clean a 12 inches nonstick skillet inside a dishwasher?

That will depend on whether the frying pan is dishwasher-safe or not. Some units will be dishwasher safe, while some will not be dishwasher safe. You would need to carry out the manual hand cleaning process for those.

How durable are the 12-inch frying pans?

The pans will be of aluminum, stainless steel, and hard-anodized materials for most cases. And, if the quality of the materials is not high, the durability level will be pretty low.

Best 12-inch Nonstick Frying PansFinal Words

By getting the latest 12 inch frying pan, you will be upgrading your cookware collection and capable of cooking different foods with full efficiency.

Rest assured, the models we have gone through will offer exactly that. So, just consider your budget and pick the one that suits your cooking style the most.

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