How To Clean Non Stick Pans: The Best Ways

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If you have a non-stick pan, then you know that they are excellent in terms of durability. But, non-stick pans are not as non-stick as they seem. We used non-stick pans for heavy cooking. Sometimes oil and fat accumulate in pans which are difficult to clean.

Today I will tell you some simple tips to clean your nonstick pan. Read the article well to know the ways.

There are many ways to clean a nonstick pan today. We will discuss some effective and easy methods for cleaning nonstick pans. These are:

How to Clean Baked Grease from Non Stick Pans?

If you are interested in baking, use nonstick pans to prepare delicious dishes. Then you perhaps know how horrible it is to clean a nonstick pan with burnt food. Other metal plates can be easily scrubbed clean, but you can’t curb the non-stick pan.

It is almost impossible to get relief from the stubborn grease and grease covering the surface of your nonstick pan. But you can’t throw the pan because it is not a solution, and you can’t throw the pan after baking each time. 

So if you make any luscious lasagna or delicious chocolate dessert. And after that, the most challenging part is cleaning the pan. So now you are experiencing a greasy layer of oil that looks almost impossible to remove from the pan. But don’t worry, if you have a glossy, sleek nonstick surface, that makes it easier to clean the grease than any other material pan. 

Follow the step-by-step guide to clean baked grease from a nonstick pan.

Using water and vinegar

First, you have to fill up your nonstick pan with a mixture of water and vinegar. The ratio of water and vinegar should be 3:1. Then place the pan field with a mixture of water and vinegar on the stove to give it a warm boil. 

Now here comes the magic part. When the combination of water and vinegar starts to boil, you will see the grease rise with the boiling water.

Now you have to take the pan (along with the solution and the grease) out of the stove and wash it nicely with soap and a nylon scrubbing pad. Then dry it and store it in the cabinet.

Using ketchup

While you are thinking of the way to clean the baked grease from non stick pans, you certainly do not know about ketchup as an answer for it! Ketchup puts down a high amount of vinegar and other acids that have the strength to chip off the grease from the pan’s surface.

If you don’t need to use ketchup, you’ll still be able to use White Vinegar. Anyways grease your pan’s surface with ketchup and let it keep for 0.5 an hour.

Now add water to the pan and blend it well with the ketchup. Now place the nonstick pan on the stove and boil it for 10-15 minutes. Now, let the pan cool enough so you may wash it with lavation soap and a cleaning pad.

How to Clean Non-Stick Pan with Burnt Food?

There is no doubt about how well we keep our nonstick pans. Sometimes we cook food in high temperatures or somehow the oil is not enough and that is why we get our food burnt. And there, we faced a challenge on how to clean a nonstick pan with burnt food. 

First, we suggest you not try any cleaning method immediately. If you want to clean it immediately, you may get too harsh or use some methods that could damage the delicate nonstick surface of your pan. 

People usually make the first mistake by throwing a burnt pan in a sink with the tap on. A sudden temperature change will not help you. Instead, it will increase your trouble.

If you are in this type of situation, do not panic. Turn off the stove, let your pan cool down. Then follow the following method to clean your nonstick pans without creating any mess.

Using hot soapy water

Step 1: When the pan cools down, get some hot water and put it in the pan very slowly, be careful that it will not spit on your hands or body. 

Step 2: Now, add 2 tablespoons of liquid dishwashing soap to the hot water and mix it up. Now keep your pan in the solution for some time. In that time you can do your other kitchen work meanwhile that soapy water extinguishes the burnt food.

Step 3: This process may take some time. After some time, you should throw that soapy water solution and scrub the pan with a nylon scrubbing pad. Now wash your pan with regular cold water and the magic happens. All burnt food is clean. Now dry your pan and keep it on the pan counter.

Using baking soda

Another method of cleaning a nonstick pan with burnt food is baking soda mixed with water. When the pan cooled down. (make sure your pan cools down at room temperature) Because sudden temperature change will damage the pan’s nonstick coating, 

Do not scrub your pan with steel wool, it will damage your nonstick pan. Now place some baking soda on the burnt area, add some water, and keep it overnight to see the magic.

How to take away Stuck on Food from Non Stick Pan?

A nonstick frying pan is an essential ingredient in the kitchen until the food gets stuck on your pan. Honey garlic chicken is such delicious food, but the honey got stuck on the non stick pan. Commonly the morning omelets can be stacked on the surface of the pan. No matter how nice you deal with it.

If your nonstick pan is causing problems now, you always see the food sticking to its surface. Do not worry. We have some incredible ways to clean stuck food from the pan.

Using baking soda

The only way to keep a nonstick pan good for a long time is to wash and clean it properly. That way, you don’t have to think of any other way to get rid of the food stuck in the pan.

When your dinner is over, you will see that your pan has become cold. Now add some water and sprinkle some amount of baking soda in it.

Now place it on a stove to boil. After some time, when the water starts to boil, you can see that the stuck food particle will automatically be removed from the pan. When you see no food leftover, wash and store it.

Using Vinegar

There are many ways to clean up stuck food particles from the pan. This is one of the effective ways to clean up the stuck food from the pan. Firstly, you have to make sure your pan is excellent and then fill half of the pan with water and add half a cup of vinegar.

Now place the pan on the stove and boil the solution. When the solution starts to boil, and you have to displace the pan from the stove, let the pan cool. 

When the pan cools down, rub the pan with a paper towel. Continue the cleaning process with a sponge and nylon scrubber. After cleaning, wash and dry it. Now keep the pan in the rack.

How can you Take care of your Non-Stick Pans?

If you are a professional or beginner level chef, there are some rules that you should follow to keep the quality of a nonstick pan and help your pan to perform efficiently for many years. There we give some easy guidelines on how to take care of your nonstick pan.

You have to be careful to wash your nonstick pan. You shouldn’t use anything which could damage your nonstick pan, and those are:

  1. Hand wash
  2. Metal utensils
  3. Use medium or low temperature
  4. Do not use a pan for storing food
  5. Don’t use cooking sprays
  6. Avoid stacking pans

Hand wash

Always clean and wash your nonstick pan, warm water, and dishwashing soap. Do not try to use any hard scrubber and steel wool. You should wash your pan immediately after using the pan, and you should wash your pan after cooling down. Don’t let the pan overnight after using.

Don’t use metal utensils

Do not use metal utensils, forks, and spatulas. These can damage the nonstick coating of your pan. Many people advise using wooden utensils that also damage the surface of your pan. You can use silicon or any soft utensils or spatula.

Use medium or low temperature

Nonstick pans are very sensitive. If you use a nonstick pan at a very high temperature, it can damage your nonstick pan. Medium or low temperatures can preserve the nutrition of the food you are cooking.

If you cook at a very high temperature, your food can burn out and stick to your pan surface. That is not good for your pan. So always try to cook food at a medium or low temperature on a nonstick pan. 

Do not use a pan for storing food

Usually, nonstick pans are used for cooking delicious food, not for store food. Many people store food in the same pan they have cooked it. Try to avoid this. Always store food in a food container or pot.

How to clean non stick pansFinal Words

Non-stick Pans are very useful for regular cooking, and also it is a very big challenge to clean them though they come with nonstick coating. Also, it is very important to take care of a pan to use for a long time. 

Here we discussed some easy methods of cleaning and how you can take care of your pan. I hope you are applying these to maintain your non stick pan.

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