How To Get Hard Candy Out Of The Pan?

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You made tasty candy but noticed that the hard candy remained on the pan and could not be removed. If you are making candy in your kitchen using a pan, I hope you struggle to remove it. 

If you fall into such a frustrating situation, the article is for you. I will inform you of some easy tips that will help you get hard candy out of the pan.

Why Is Hard Candy Tough To Remove?

When you are planning to make candy, you have several options to make the perfect one, like butterscotch, cinnamon, or caramel. Do you know all of their main ingredients are sugar? I hope you know.

That is the main reason why hard candy is hard to remove from the pan. The sugar tends to crystallize at first, making the candy become fully hardened and sticky. After removing the candy, you will notice burnt sugar that cannot be removed easily using steel wool or other traditional methods.

How To Get Hard Candy Out Of The Pan?

You will notice several articles discussing several methods to clean the pan with hard candy. Believe me. You do not need to follow those methods, as the below method is enough for you to clean candy from your pan. 

But, don’t worry if the below method won’t work for you. You can follow the more methods which I include after it.

Using Boil Water

Step 1: Let the pan cool down completely to protect yourself from an unwanted burn. Now, boil some fresh water in a kettle, and you need to remove it when you realize that the water will remain hot for around 10 to 15 minutes. 

Step 2: After boiling the water, pour it into the hard candy pan. You will notice the hard candy melting and dissolving in the water quite a bit. For better results, you can leave the pan with hot water overnight.

Or, you can pour the fresh water on the hard candy pan, start boiling it, and high it. You can use a lid and continue the process for 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 3: Then, remove the hot water and try to remove the candy, and you will find that it is easily dissolved from the pan. If the candy remains after doing this, do the steps again, and your pan is clean to make a new dish.

Get the visual instruction:

Using Metal Spoon

You can easily remove the hard candy from the pan using a metal spoon. But, there is a risk that you might create scratches on the pan which will affect the lifespan of your pan. 

Step 1: First, you need to hit up the pan but on a very low flame. But don’t overheat; otherwise, the candy will be burnt and attach badly to your pan.

Step 2: Heat the pan until it turns softer. Then, remove it from the stove or oven and start scrubbing using a spoon or a knife. You will notice that the candies easily start to be removed from the pan.

Note: Don’t use the method if your pan has a nonstick coating. Otherwise, you might damage the coating.

Using Vinegar 

Step 1:  Put 1/2 cup of vinegar in the pan.

Step 2: Pour enough water to cover the area which you want to clean off.

Step 3: Now, put the pan on a stove, heat it up, and boil it for around 20 minutes. Now, remove the pan from the stove and see the magic.

Using Bon Ami

Step 1: First, you need to sprinkle Bon Ami into the pan.

Step 2: Use a little amount of water over the pan, make a paste, and let it sit overnight or few hours.

Step 3: Now, you can easily remove the hard candy. For the hardened parts use a small knife or spoon.

Final Words

After making the candy, the next part is cleaning. Many people find it frustrating to clean the pan with a hard card. The above guide is for you if you fall into such categories.

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