Frying Pan VS Kadai: What Is the Difference?

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A Kadai pan is a cooking pan, and it looks a lot like a wok and frying pan. And of course, they have a lot of similarities and can be used interchangeably, but a Kadai is different from a frying pan. A Kadai originates from India, and it is slightly deep than a frying pan with a flat base.

These days, a Kadai is usually made of copper, stainless steel, or cast iron. In addition, it now comes coated with different non-stick materials to prevent your food from sticking to it. If you do not have Kadai, you can use a frying pan or a wok and still get the same results. 

What are the Differences Between a Frying Pan and a Kadai?

First of all, a Kadai is quite deeper than a frying pan. And that’s why it does deep frying better than a frying pan. Being the shallower one, a frying pan will produce a better result than a Kadai when it comes to shallow frying. 

In addition, people say a Kadai is made of cast iron, while a frying pan is made of aluminum. This is no longer true. Frying pans are now made of cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, or a mixture of two of the three. Basically, the only difference in both is the difference in their shapes. You can always substitute one for the other where and when necessary. 

Are Kadai and Frying Pan the Same?

No, they are not the same. Their major difference is their shapes. Although both of them have a similar circular shape and they both have a flat bottom, a frying pan is shallower, and a Kadai is deeper. In addition, they both come in various sizes. 

So, it is right to say that frying pan and Kadai have several similar features. Nevertheless, they are not the same.

Is a Kadhai the Same as a Wok?

No. Although they both have circular shapes, a Kadai has a flat base, while a wok has a spherical bottom. This means that a Kadai is more suited for flat-top stoves. Aside from the difference in their bottoms, other features are similar. And you can use them interchangeably. 

What Can I Use Instead of Kadai?

If you need to cook or fry urgently, and your Kadai is not available, you can use a wok, a frying pan, or a regular pot. They’ll all produce the same results if used the right way. You can also use a grill pan and still get the same result. 

Which Kadai to Use for Frying?

Kadai pans are made of different types of metals, but the best for frying is the cast iron Kadai. This is because frying requires high heat, and a cast iron Kadai can withstand, radiate, and retain heat better and faster than other Kadais. Also, it is suitable for all kinds of dishes. So, whenever you want to buy a Kadai, it is better to choose a cast iron Kadai.

Frying Pan VS KadaiFinal Words

A frying pan has several similarities with a Kadai, but they are two different types of cookware. And their major difference lies in their shapes. A Kadai is a lot deeper than a frying pan. However, you can use both of them for frying or cooking. So, if a Kadai is not available, a frying pan should be used instead. 

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