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Every home cooks want to be highly efficient. However, the cookware size limits them from reaching maximum efficiency when preparing delicious foods. The issue is the same for the round griddle pans. A 10-inch round skillet will only offer you 78.5 sq. inches.

Now, you might argue that a large-sized skillet would fix this issue. But for that, you would also need a large cooktop. That is where the best square griddle pan steps in. In comparison, 10 inches square skillets will offer you 100 sq. inches of cooking space.

However, not all of the available options are worth your money. How do we know that? We made an intensive head-to-head comparison before picking one for our kitchen. But the good news is that if you go through this article, you will not have to go through the same hassle as us!

What Is a Square Griddle Pan Used for?

There are not many differences in functionality if you compare square griddles against round ones. You will be capable of preparing all the foods you can prepare on a round griddle. That includes pancakes, waffles, bacon, crab cakes, grilled vegetables, French toast, omelet, and many others.

Additionally, you can use the skillet to prepare quesadillas, grilled cheese sandwiches, and anything you would generally prepare on top of a frying pan. However, as we mentioned, one significant advantage sets the square pans apart from the round ones.

The surface area is significantly larger than the round pans. So, if you compare the equally sized square and round griddles, square one will offer you more cooking space. For that reason, you will be capable of handling a large amount of food in one go.

Comparison Table

ProductCooking SurfaceMaterialDishwasher-Safe
All-Clad E7951364  11 inchesHard-anodizedYes
Farberware – 21745  11 inchesAluminumYes
OXO Good Grips Pro  11 inchesAluminumYes
GreenLife Soft Grip  11 inchesAluminumYes
Lodge Pro-Logic 12  12 inchesCast IronNo
Cuisinart Double Burner Griddle  10 inches x 18 inchesStainless SteelYes
BELLA Electric Griddle  10.5 inches x 20 inchesCeramicNo

7 Best Square Griddle Pan

All-Clad E7951364 Square Griddle Cookware

All-Clad E7951364 Square Griddle Cookware

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We have cooked plates full of pancakes, dozens of omelets, and loads of grilled cheese sandwiches while making the head-to-head comparisons. From that, we checked whether the offerings could meet the critical factors or not. And these are the ones that met all of those factors with flying colors:

The first thing that we considered while going through the skillets was the nonstick coating. And this offering from All-Clad managed to impress us in that regard.

So, what makes it the best nonstick square griddle pan? As we mentioned, the nonstick coating is the main highlight. There are a total of three layers on the cooking surface. And the best part is that the coating is free from PFOA and other chemicals.

The nonstick layers are also efficient when it comes to releasing foods. There will be little to no residues in most of the cases. That would eventually make it easier for you to clean the unit. It is dishwasher-safe as well. So, you can clean it without any hassles.

Its overall construction is of heavy-gauge hard-anodized material. This material enhances the durability rate and ensures that the cooking surface heats up evenly. As a result, each portion of the food will cook simultaneously.

Furthermore, the skillet is compatible with oven, electric, ceramic, and electric cooktops. In other words, you will not have to worry about compatibility that much.


  • It has three layers of nonstick coating
  • The coating is free from toxins
  • Efficiently releases the food
  • Heats up evenly
  • Dishwasher and oven-safe


  • Not compatible with induction oven
  • The handle is not that comfortable


The three layers of nonstick coating are the main selling point of this skillet. It also heats up evenly and is easy to clean.

Farberware Nonstick Griddle Pan

Farberware Nonstick Griddle Pan

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What if we told you that you do not have to spend a ton of money just to get a premium square skillet? Yes, it is true! Do not believe us? Check out this offering from Farberware.

Even though it comes at an affordable price, the cooking surface is premium. It is made of high-quality aluminum that will heat up evenly. For that reason, the chances of the foods burning from one spot will be pretty slim.

The exterior has a distinctive color. This feature allows this skillet to stand out among the other cookware present in your kitchen. Also, the surface has a durable nonstick coating. It will not scratch away, nor will it peel off that easily. So, you will get stellar nonstick performance out of it for an extended amount of time.

Cleaning it will not be a hassle either. It is dishwasher safe, and the nonstick coating does a proper job of releasing the foods. You can also use it inside the oven if you want to because it is oven-safe. There is a comfortable handle too that will offer a secure and stable grip.


  • Affordable yet premium
  • Evenly distributes the heat
  • Features a durable nonstick surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Boasts a comfortable handle


  • Not that resistant to warping
  • The handle feels a bit flimsy


If you are on a budget but want to get a premium square griddle, you should put this on the top of your consideration.

OXO Good Grips Pro Nonstick Griddle Pan

OXO Good Grips Pro Nonstick Dishwasher Safe Black Griddle Pan

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Even though there are a good amount of options out there, there are only a few that are exceptionally durable. And this offering from OXO is one of them.

Are you wondering what makes it so durable? The hard-anodized body! Its high-quality construction makes it achieve a higher overall durability level. So, you can expect to get an extended service out of it.

But that is not all! The hard-anodized body heats up efficiently too. It will heat up faster, which means you would not have to use too much fuel or gas to cook foods on top of it. The surface also heats up evenly. That will lower the chances of the foods burning from one spot.

There is stainless steel handle available as well. Thanks to the ergonomic shape of the handle, you will have complete comfort while holding it. For that reason, controlling the food on the surface will be easy too. It even has rolled edges. However, the walls are not that high. Also, it is dishwasher-safe and oven-safe.


  • Features a hard-anodized body
  • Heats up evenly and quickly
  • It has a stainless steel handle
  • Boasts rolled edges
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • The nonstick coating is not that long-lasting
  • A bit too light in weight


This skillet is highly durable. The base also heats up efficiently and quickly. So, handling foods on top of it will be easy.

GreenLife Ceramic Nonstick Square Griddle Pan

GreenLife Ceramic Nonstick Square Griddle Pan

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Worried that you will burn your fingers while holding the handles during cooking sessions? Well, that will not be something that you would need to worry about if you get this offering from GreenLife.

Unlike some of the other griddles, this one comes with a soft grip on the handle. This grip will ensure a comfortable overall grip and will make sure that the handle does not heat up excessively.

There is a ceramic coating on the cooking surface. It is free from lead, PFAS, PFOA, and other toxins. And the coating can efficiently release the food, which will lower the hassle associated with cleaning the upper surface. You can clean it inside the dishwasher as well.

Other than that, the skillet has low walls. Such a design will make it easier to flip foods on top. Also, the overall construction is pretty solid. It even has a wobble-free base. For that reason, it will heat up evenly on the cooktops and quickly cook up different foods.


  • Has a soft grip on the handle
  • Features a ceramic coating
  • The nonstick coating is toxin-free
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Boasts low walls


  • Cannot resist scratches that efficiently
  • The handle is a bit flimsy


The handle of this unit will stay cool, thanks to the soft grip. You will even get a comfortable and secure grip on it for the handle.

Lodge Pro-Logic 12 Inch Square Cast Iron Griddle

Lodge Pro-Logic 12 Inch Square Cast Iron Griddle

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Most home cooks and professional chefs want a bit of heft on the cookware. And if you are one of them, consider this offering from Lodge.

The overall construction is made of cast iron. This material is the thing that adds heft to the griddle. However, weight is not the only thing that adds to the offering. It also increases the overall durability level. It will be capable of handling extensive cooking loads.

As it has a cast iron construction, this skillet will be capable of retaining the heat for a prolonged amount of time. It also heats up evenly. For that reason, the foods will cook to perfection.

Additionally, the griddle comes pre-seasoned. And the seasoning does a proper job of making the upper surface nonstick. Foods will quickly release, and there will be minimal residue on the top. So, cleaning it will be effortless. The handle has an ergonomic design as well.

It is also compatible with different stoves and ovens. You can even use it on top of the grill. Also, there is a helper handle, which will make it easier to move the skillet with food on the top.


  • Made of cast iron
  • Comes pre-seasoned
  • The cleaning process is easy
  • Has a helper handle
  • Compatible with stoves and ovens


  • It does not heat up quickly
  • The handle cannot resist the heat that efficiently


The cast iron construction is the main highlight of this skillet. Not only does it makes it durable, but it also makes the base retain heat for a prolonged amount of time.

Cuisinart Double Burner Griddle

Cuisinart Double Burner Griddle

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Own a double burner? Want to take full advantage of the abilities of that burner? You would want to take a look at what Cuisinart is offering here.

The thing that makes it stand out is the double burner design. It will cover the burner and offer you an impressive amount of cooking space. In fact, the cooking area that you will gain from it will allow you to handle loads of food pretty quickly.

Its tri-ply construction will make it efficiently conduct heat. Thanks to that, foods will not take that much time to cook. The cooking surface even has a nonstick coating. This coating will make the food release efficiently. Since there will be a minimal amount of residue, cleaning it will be easy.

Other than that, there are two riveted handles on the side. Those will make it easier to move the griddle from and to the burners. The handles stay cool during the entire cooking process. So, you will not have to worry about burning your fingers either.


  • Features a double burner design
  • Efficiently conducts heat
  • It has a proper nonstick coating on the surface
  • Sports two riveted handles on the side
  • The handles stay cool


  • It cannot resist warping
  • Not compatible with induction stovetops


Its large cooking surface will make it easier to handle a large amount of food at one go. Also, it has two handles on the side, which will offer maximum control.

BELLA Electric Ceramic Titanium Griddle

BELLA Electric Ceramic Titanium Griddle

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Do you not want to waste space on the cooktop while working with a griddle? Well, this offering from BELLA is just for you!

The griddle integrates an electric heating mechanism that will heat the cooking surface. You will not have to place it on top of a stove or cooktop. And it utilizes a heater that has a 1500 watts rating. So, it will be capable of heating the surface up pretty quickly.

On that note, there is a heat dial on the side of the unit. That will let you control the total heat and cook the foods efficiently. The dial even has a precise marking on the top. There is a built-in ledge on the sides. It will allow you to flip the foods easily.

Apart from that, the griddle features a ceramic coating on the top. This coating is highly efficient when making the foods release quickly. It also has titanium reinforcement, which makes the coating long-lasting. Also, the layer does not have any toxins in it.


  • Integrate an electric heating mechanism
  • Offers total control over the heat
  • It has a ceramic coating on the surface
  • The layer does not have any toxins
  • Boasts a built-in ledge on the sides


  • The power cord is a bit short
  • It has a small drip tray


The electric heating mechanism of the unit will allow you to use the griddle without needing to place it on a cooktop. It even offers complete control over the heat intensity.

What to Consider When Choosing the Square Griddle Pan

Remember we mentioned that we checked if the available options could meet the essential criteria or not? You must be wondering what factors did we actually refer to at this point. Well, we will describe them in this segment, and you would have to factor them in as well.

Nonstick Coating

First and foremost, you should consider the nonstick coating. It should be efficient enough to let the foods release quickly. Cleaning the surface will be a tedious task if the food leaves too much residue.

Alongside that, do consider whether the coating is free from toxins or not. If it has toxins, the food will have a chemical taste. Also, the chemicals will surely be a hazard to your health. So, check whether the layer has chemicals and toxins such as PFOA, PFAS, lead, cadmium, and others.

Even Heating

The second thing that you should consider while making a purchase decision is whether the cooking surface heats up evenly or not. If you do get a griddle that does not heat up evenly, certain food spots will cook faster than the others. That would eventually lead to overcooked or burned areas on the food.


You should also consider the overall durability before making a purchase. Generally, the griddles that are of high-quality material will have a higher overall durability level as they will have a high-quality build. And if the durability level is not high, you will not get extended use out of the skillet.

For that reason, we would recommend picking the units that feature construction of high-quality materials.


The handle is what you will use to hold the cookware. So, it needs to have an ergonomic design. Without an ergonomic design, you will not be capable of getting a secure and comfortable grip on the skillet. That would also make handling the foods on the cooking surface difficult.

Furthermore, we would recommend picking the griddles that come with stay-cool handles. With those, you will not have to worry about your hands burning off while handling the skillet on the cooktop.

Cleaning Process

Last but not least, consider the cleaning process. If you do not want to go through any hassles, pick the ones that are dishwasher-safe. With those, you can just quickly pop them inside the dishwasher and let it do its thing.

Is a Griddle Pan Worth It?

So, should you invest your hard-earned money in a griddle pan? Well, these pans do offer a couple of advantages that make them totally worth it. Here is a brief description of the major ones:

Less Oil

The griddle pans would have a nonstick coating on the surface. That means you will not need to oil the entire cooking surface. Instead, you would just need to oil the food. That would eventually end up with less greasy food. And the cherry on the top is that you would substantially save up on the oil.

Even Cooking

Usually, these pans can evenly heat up the surface. As a result, the foods cook efficiently, and the chances of food burning from a single spot remain exceptionally low. Also, the even heat distribution nature will offer you more control over the cooking process.

Easy to Clean

As we mentioned, these pans will have a nonstick coating. This coating will minimize the number of residues. So, keeping them clean becomes a breeze. You would not have to use your elbow grease that much to get the grease buildups from the surface.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a grill pan and a griddle pan?

There are not that many differences between the griddle and grill pans. But one major difference sets these two apart: the cooking surface. The surface will be flat and smooth for the griddle pans, just like a regular pan. On the other hand, the grill pans would have rivets on the top.

What to use instead of a griddle pan?

As mentioned above, griddle pans and regular pans do not have any differences. So, if you do not have one of these around, you can just use a regular pan. However, if you do not mind the grill marks on the food, you can use a grill pan.

Is a griddle better than a pan?

Even though you can use both the pan and griddle for the same cooking surface, one thing makes a griddle better than a regular pan. That would be the ability to handle high heat. However, note that the regular pan would still be an ideal choice to cook the foods slowly.

Can you put pans on a griddle?

Yes, you can surely use pans on top of the griddle if you do not want to cook on the surface directly. It will also be an ideal choice if you are handling complicated recipes.

Do all of the flat griddle pans come with a handle?

Generally, the flat griddle pans will come with a handle. However, sometimes the handles might be a bit too small. For those, we would recommend holding them with mitts.

Final Words

With the best square griddle pan, you can take full advantage of the available space on the cooktop. And as you can see, choosing one becomes pretty easy when you know which offerings to consider and factor in the critical points.

That said, we can assure you that the offerings we have gone through will excel in cooking performance and other factors. So, just pick one that suits your budget and cooking requirements.

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